new music
Amir Malik

Amir Malik new music

(imported from lyrics-todo.txt and slightly massaged)

Cosmos Sound Club - Les Chrysa
- "au japon" / a bit rappish

Get A Move On - Mr Scruff
- big-band style

Air - Mike Mills

Lumo - Fluxation
- piano

Baby Mammoth - Tasy Maloney
- trombone, spanish, old-style

Sasha - Wavy Gravy
- stereo hearing confusion effects

Pete Namlook - We don't mind the rain
- nice guitar solo

Pilgrims of the Mind - Sandcastle

2006-12-02: new entries!

thievery corporation - il grande silencio

Leggo Beast - The New Deal
- "fuck the god of war" "Pass go, forget the 200 dollars, go directly to Park Place and put your life there, on the line, with all the emotion, power and passion and insight in you."

2007-01-14: new entry!

claude challe - the string thing - soul ascenda

2007-03-25: import from lab (either secret agent or groovera) :'(

Becker - 6 aus 49 - more pLUSH [2006]

Operation W
Toujours Le MÍme Film... [2005]
played at 6:06 PM Pacific Time (USA).

Secret Agent:
18:46:39 (Now) Sir Julian A Man And A Woman Ultra-Lounge Volume 11: Organs In Orbit
viking line (a la prison break, too) song

Gotan Project
Lunatico [2006]

E.D. Swankz
Swankz & Verbrilli: Lifesavers [2004]

Jaffa - Elevator

Claude Challe - The String Thing - Soul Ascenda

PNFA - Salt

Govinda - Compassion from album Entwined & Entranced

22:49:34 Henry Mancini Peter Gunn Spy Music

14:19:58 (Now) Bob Crewe Generation Theme From A Man And A Woman

Seks Bomba - 5-0-5!!! @ secret agent 2007-08-16

Johnson, Laurie - Jason King Theme

Composed By Irving Martin & Brian Dee - Indianapolis 2

Rae & Christian - Ready To Roll
- uuiiuuiiuu

Zigo - Prelude
- nice old-time piano style

Seks Bomba - It Takes Two To Tango

Manu Chao - Clandestino
- spanish/mexican inspired

Sasha - Mr. Tiddles
- nice high beeps, bi bi, ba ba, be be

Girl Eats Boy - Kill Pussy Kill
- "we have gone from 20 years old" or something. arpeggio with overdriven guitar.

Geoff Bastow - Fillet Of Soul
- nice viking line -kind of strings/lines, but not most of it :/

Spy-Fi - Zambezi
- a bit 80's style, synth voice in the background, synth electric guitar

Piero Umiliani - Mah Na
- 1% has classic string/vibe recording in the background

Crazy Penis - 3 Play It Cool
- you got your hamonic series. what i'm saying is.

Peter Reno - Armed Escort
- papapapapapapap tatatatata doo-doo-doo-doo, trombones, brass, etc.

Sofian Rouge - Use Your Imagination
- wualalalaaaaa (middle eastern intro), housey mix of it

Doctor Rockit - Cafe De Flore (Charles Webster Latin Lovers Mix)
- nice mix

Danilo Venturi - Tango Neda
- tango, with oldies spanish voices in background

Zimpala - Hasta La Vista (Steppatronic Mix)
- spanish guitar in intro, yelling woman, "yaa liiiiiiii" "lii yaaaaaa"

Krystian Shek - Fly Over The Ocean
- nice reminiscnent a little of mario, few fady effects

Doctor Rockit - Cafe De Flore (Charles Webster
- perhaps same as above webster mix, a bit more spanishy

Seks Bomba - Sicilian Civilian
- trumpets, titi taa ta

Bitcrusher - Flamingos
- spanish flamingo type, not too harsh

"there's a matching place in my heart"
ready for take off
and i miss you now
waiting here at home
-- basshunter

Thievery Corporation - Holographic Universe
- nice housey, narrow stereo-field

Groove Armada - Barry White - Playing Your Game

Under Pressure - Bacaro
- calm flamenco style chords on spanish guitar. "yeeayeaaah" girl.

Bliss - Manvantara
- haitari, nice housey mix.

Les Hommes - Vista Do Mar
- nice eastern EU-type lady.. plummy vibey el-guitar.

Deep Chill - Walking Party
- housey chill. good late night mix.

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Pool Scene [Jet Sound Inc.]

Ibizzare - Pink Flamingo [album: The Ambient Collection Vol. 2]
- spanish flamenco, alialialiaaaa/qawwali style.

Nicolas Robin - Softly
- soft chilly, slightly jazzy & vibey. soft sax.

Jeff Bennett - Dreams
- housey, downtempo.

Omegaman - Jazz Thing (Instrumental Mix)
- a little spanishy guitary. low-key.

Groove Guru - The Chillout Side
- minor sitarish/tablaish. downtempo chillout. pulsating vibey guitary neo/modern.

Amanaska - Border Crossing
- haitari, flute, mostly chillout, should have more haitari

WIDEBOYS Daddy O f/Shaznay Lewis
Wideboys (ft. Shaznay Lewis) - Daddy O (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)

Alan Moorhouse - That's Nice
- loungey, slightly like viking line music but not. more dramatic. upbeat.

Walter Wanderly - Taste of Sadness
- dog-woof-in-the-background lounge music.

Agents & Frank Pourcel - Get Smart - Casino Royale
- upbeat version of Casino Royale!

Cloud - Cute
- relaxing, upbeat, reminds me of some movie opening. slightly vibey.

Soma Sonic - Lovestory
- nice spanish-esque upbeat beat. sexy girl talking.

AfterLife - Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix)
- from Claude Challe's album but this is the long version!!

Krystian Shek - Dawn Shine
- nice harpsi style chill melody.

Lucky Loop - Miami Sunset
- soft trombone. loungey. el-guitar/bass.

E.D. Swankz - Blockhead
- nice very mellow late night uplifting!

Amanaska - Border Crossing
- nice accordion-style downtempo with some Middle Eastern vocals

Stan Lefort & Jc Sindress - Aravibes (Instrumental Mix)
- chillout, bongos, good beat. flutey melody. araby house?

Alacran - Reflejo de Luna (featuring Pauline London)
- guitar, accordion, TC-esque rhythm reverb, spanish